Bringing the future of early cancer detection to the masses
Bringing the future of early cancer detection to the masses

Why Choose Us

Our cancer detection technology can be used by anyone who wishes to maintain cancer-free health by ensuring they are benefiting from their current lifestyles. Cancer patients can routinely monitor their treatment progress. Data from users with early detection or monitoring of cancer progression will be used anonymously over time to measure the rate of positive treatment/preventative outcomes. The overall impact on cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and death will be monitored within the user population.

If cancer can be detected early, the prognosis will be improved and treatment failures and the rate of relapse will be reduced. If people can routinely monitor their own health for the presence of cancer, many will make proactive choices to minimize disease progression, such as changing lifestyles, exercising, quitting smoking, eating healthy, etc. While the technology will not eliminate cancer directly, it will provide people with the knowledge that can reduce disease occurrence over time.

To date, there is no similar technology in the market for early detection or routine monitoring of cancer in whole blood, plasma, or serum. Our technology provides a fast, low-cost, and low-risk screening and monitoring for early signs of cancer using a small amount of blood sample.

We use AI to make predictions of how different cancers behave so our clients can make better decisions as to the best course of action going forward. Our proof-of-concept study shows that our technology can differentiate cancer patients from healthy individuals with specificities and sensitivities of over 90% for breast cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer.