Bringing the future of early cancer detection to the masses
Bringing the future of early cancer detection to the masses

Our Technology

OncodeAI (‘on-code-a-i’)

A patent-pending technology that incorporates a novel combination of artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning, hardware, and cell-free chemistry to detect cancer fingerprints in blood samples without predefined biomarkers or complex detections of genetic sequences.

The OncodeAI platform is focused on unbiased, data-driven early cancer detection. OncodeAI is focusing on development for the early detection of breast, lung, prostate, and colorectal cancer using unique predictive models from a single blood draw and fingerprint scan. There are three proprietary components that encompass our technology:

1. Sample Preparation

OncodeAI is a patent-pending technology that uses a single-step proprietary mixture of chemistries designed to enhance the molecular fingerprint for accurate results.

2. Data Capture

The OncodeAI platform analyzes and captures the data produced by the complex structural compositions and interactions of the biomolecules in the serum, generating a unique “molecular fingerprint” correlating to specific cancer types used to train our models.

3. Analysis & Results

The trained model is then deployed to predict the fingerprints from the unknown samples. The fingerprints are unique to different types of cancer and can be used to detect specific types of cancer from one analyzed sample.